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Bernese Mountain Dogs Soap!

  Check this out!  We custom made a few of these bars of soap to be included in a raffle basket for an event held by the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Central Virginia!  They chose a glycerine base and an aloe and fresh clover fragrance oil scent.  And - a portion of the proceeds will benefit SDVA!


Christmas will be here before you know it!  Wouldn't a custom designed soap make a great gift for your dog loving friends? We can work with you to come up with something special - just shoot us an email at RivannaRidgeSoaps@gmail.com

Schooner's Clarity! Glycerine & Lemongrass Essential Oil Soap

Another new soap to benefit Service Dogs of Virginia!

This is a glycerine and 100% pure lemongrass essential oil soap.  Lemongrass essential oil is said to revitalize the mind and improve mental clarity!  Along with many other reported benefits - lemongrass oil also helps in repelling fleas and ticks!   A translucent shimmery grey with black and white soap 'spots' embedded in each bar (to mirror the coat of the pup this soap is named for!).  Lathers beautifully and smells wonderful.  If you have always used liquid soap to wash your dog you will be amazed how much easier bar soap is to use!   Has a stretchy wristband to help you hold on to it in the tub (or outside) and hang it to dry.  Available in three shapes for your dog - a bone, rectangular with paw prints or round with paw print.   Average weight 3.5 ounces.  

Schooner is a Great Dane puppy in training to be a service dog.  Schooner doesn't think that work should be his main focus - he would prefer to be a social director!  He wears his heart on his sleeve and uses it liberally.  Schooner lives in Maryland with his puppy raiser and dog trainer Laurie Luck of Smart Dog University.  

Written by Thea Yancey — August 06, 2013

Buy 3 SDVA Dog Soaps and Get One Free!


For the next two weeks if you order 4 of our dog soaps to benefit Service Dogs of Virginia you will get one of them free!  Buy any combination of our bone, round paw print, or rectangular with paw prints dog soaps (Jack's, River's, Perry's, Hubble's or Schooner's (BRAND NEW!) - as long as you order 4 you will only pay for 3!  Code BUY3GET1SDVA!

New SDVA Soap!

Be sure to check out our latest soap to benefit Service Dogs of Virginia!  

   Hubble's Be Gone! Honey & Cedarwood Essential Oil Soap is a honey and glycerine based hand crafted soap with 100% pure cedarwood essential oil that reminds me of opening my grandmother's cedar chest.  The design matches Hubble's coat - a golden/yellow translucent bar with embedded 'cedar' shavings of soap in an opaque gold!  Hubble is a therapy dog in training in Chelsea, Michigan (also home of the breeder of several of the current service dogs in training - I Spy Labradors).

SDVA Dog Soaps - 10% July Discount!

For the next two weeks we are offering a 10% discount on our dog soaps that benefit Service Dogs of Virginia! 

  • Try out the Olive Oil & Euchalyptus & Cedarwood Essential Oil Soap to discourage all of the pests of summer
  • Reduce some of that summer thunderstorm anxiety with our Shea Butter & Lavender Essential Oil Soap. 
  • Is your puppy worn out in this heat?  Our Aloe Vera & Peppermint Essential Oil Soap not only energizes but peppermint is one of the best essential oils for pain relief!

Our New Website!

Setting up our online store!  How exciting!  Please let us know what you think - we appreciate all feedback (positive and suggestions for improvements!)


Wonderful handcrafted soaps in fun designs, colors and scents!

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Christmas 2016 - Already?

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