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Today is a happy yet sad day at our house .... tomorrow Zinc will go to his new home - it's a wonderful home and that makes it a little easier.  Zinc is the sixth puppy I have raised for Service Dogs of Virginia and a real sweetheart.  He came from Ravenwood Labs in Keswick, VA and their dogs have wonderful temperaments.  People always ask me if I have trouble giving up the dogs I raise when they are ready to go to their clients.  I think that isn't as hard as letting them go when they are released from the program.  

Zinc has elbow issues.  It happens ... in spite of all the screening and care that breeders go through to produce sound puppies.  He has had surgery but will likely need additional surgery with a fairly long recovery period to lead a comfortable life. That would delay his training and there is no guarantee that he will be totally sound.  For a working dog that is not ideal. For a pet it is manageable.  

Fortunately, through a coincidental coffee date, I was hooked up with some wonderful friends who were thinking of getting another dog after losing theirs. They met Zinc and fell in love with him (no surprise there at least for me!).  They want Zinc to be a member of their family.  They have nursed dogs through similar surgeries and want to do the same for Zinc.   For that I am extremely grateful.  I know they will enjoy Zinc and he will love his new life and home.  The other good part is he won't be going too far and I hope I will get to see him often!

So.... until a new puppy comes along, we will be down to a one dog household .... 

Written by Thea Yancey — December 16, 2015

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